About us

Global Luxury London Ltd is the flagship store for Scic Spa of Italy. We are the manufacturer of FENDI Kitchens and SCIC kitchens all "MADE IN ITALY".

As one of the leading manufacturers of luxury kitchens and cabinetry we supply to the high end residential contract market and exclusive private clients around the globe. All of our products are carefully made in Italy and are of the highest quality. We take full advantage of the latest innovation and technology to maintain the highest levels of quality.

We have a state of the art manufacturing plant in Parma, Italy with the facilities for all the important stages of manufacturing under one roof. With the innovative photovoltaic panels covering the roof top of our 800,000 square feet factory, we are the first company in Italy to use sunlight as our only power source for the production of our kitchens. 5000 kWp of power and the production of 5,600,000 kWh a year allow us to obtain an annual saving of 3,000,000 kg of carbon dioxide. We make our kitchens with a low content of formaldehyde, in observance of the standards on health and safety in the workplace, paying particular attention to environment rules, using timber from forests where reforestation is practiced and according to a production process which creates fully recyclable kitchens.

Working with Global Luxury you will experience both the Power of Italian Creative Intelligence on the International Scene and you will be able to work directly with the manufacturer where you will be able to get the benefit of fully customizing your bespoke Kitchen & Cabinetry, get in depth information about product specifications, materials, on demand research and development and receive faster responses.